Who Am I?

I am Anthony Cagliano, internet alias 'ACagliano'. I'm a computer science major, with a specialty in computer and network security. I am also a web developer, server administrator, and TI calculator software designer. I thoroughly enjoy programming and working with programmable devices. Ever since my early days programming for calculators I've had a love for it that I just couldn't quantify or fight.

Fast forward to today and I find that I practically speak coding. I have varying degree of skill in almost every major programming language: TI-Basic and Z80 Assembly (calculator), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, MySQL, C++, Java, Python. Through the years I have vastly improved both as a programmer and as a designer.

ACagliano, Web Developer

In my career as a web-developer, I've designed a number of websites for personal use, professional use, or for projects me or others have designed. These websites range in purpose and functionality from simple informational pages to backend-driven interfaces. In the timeline to the right, you can see many of the websites I have worked on, including a synopsis of what they were made for, services they provided, and a link if the website is still up.

ACagliano, TI Software Developer

In my long career as a TI software developer, I've made a number of tools and utilities, with a recent trend towards game programming. Why? Because it's fun to make, and equally fun to watch others enjoy. Also because there's a pretty large group of people that will use calculator programs. And because it teaches you the basics of general programming and acts as a stepping stone to the rest of the programming field.

How I Design
  • 100% cutting edge: All of my software is designed to give you something new, or to improve on something that already exists. If you're downloading something by me, it will either be something you've never seen before, or do something in a way that's unique.
  • 100% stable: Tired of getting random errors or crashes when you run a program? Well so am I. Every program I release is thoroughly debugged to ensure maximum stability.
  • 100% autonomous: You have no idea how many programs I've downloaded where the main program relies on at least five to ten other programs, lists, or pictures. Lose any one of them or run out of memory and you've got a problem. Well, I promise I'll never put you through that. With my software, you will only ever be downloading ONE program. Some of my software is designed for a shell, like DoorsCS or MirageOS. But that's still one dependency, and a pretty common one at that.
Contact Me

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TI Program

TI Program | SLICER "OS"
A useless GUI program that displayed a loading bar, while pretending to do something useful, but actually did nothing at all.
TI Program | Pokemon Battle Simulator
A Pokemon Battle Simulator that allowed you to battle against an AI for 20 levels. Limited attacks, and the AI grows in strength per level. Losing 5 lives ends the game, complete level 20 to win.
TI Program | Empirical Formulas Calculator
An Empirical Formulas calculator. Enter the symbols of the elements involved and the program will calculate the empirical formula.
TI Program | Polynomial Math Utility | link
First release of a polynomial math tool. Select the operation from a menu, enter the coefficients of the polynomial as arrays, and the program will output the result.
TI Program | Polynomials All-In-One | link
Redesign of my polynomial math tool. Select the operation from a menu, enter the polynomial as strings exactly as they appear, and the program will output the result. The program is not fooled by repeated exponents or exponents out of order. However, it glitches on negative exponents.
TI Program | Blast TI File Integrity Software | link
A calculator project I undertook after a fellow programmer, KermMartian, devised CALCnet, a networking protocol for the TI-84+. From the day that networking was evidenced on a calculator I was unswervingly convinced that one day a program of this kind might be needed. This software maintains databases of file attributes and sizes, allowing for those attributes to be checked again at a later date. Any changes to those attributes that have not occured in the normal course of program modification or usage by the end user may be evidence of an infected program.
Website | Blast FIS Project Page | link
A project page I designed to showcase my Blast TI File Integrity Software. This is a fairly simple multi-page website, including a data capture form to submit virus definitions and embedded Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
TI Program | Polynomials All-In-One v2.3 | link
Second redesign of my polynomial math tool. Input is based on a two-part query string separated by a colon (:). The first part is a list of operators, the second part is a list of operands. Repeated exponents or exponents out of order do not glitch. Negative exponents not supported. Derivative, integral, or zeroes of a function also supported.
TI Program | Project Slender-TI | link
A port/remake of the famous Slender series for the PC, but with an original story. Uses 4-level greyscale, sprite masking and scaling, hit detection, and raycasting.
Website | Slender-TI Project Page | link
A project page I designed to advertise my original Slender game for the TI-83+/84+. Uses an edited background image, a mouse effect, and jQuery for reaction to clicks. Mobile compatible.
TI Program | Project TI-Trek | link
One of the first, if not the first, real-time massively multiplayer online games for the calculator. Create a star ship, head onto a virtual world, and battle other players. Complete with from-calc login, registration, and account management. You may also gain new weapons, parts, and tech as you play. In later versions, you will be able to complete ground missions on individual planets as well in 2D RPG fashion.
Website | TI-Trek Project Page | link
A project page I designed to present information about my TI-Trek Multiplayer game for the TI-83+/84+ CE. Uses a custom-generated starfield background image, a JavaScript sliding gallery, XML/RSS integration and multiple forms of social media integration on the home page. On yet other pages, I use the PHP zlib library to read out a changelogs file, and PHP JSON for reading out the bugs list. This page, the subsequent Web Deck, and Blast Antivirus's page are my most recent designs.
Website | TI-Trek Web Deck | link
A web page I designed to permit users of my TI-Trek game to log in and administrate aspects of their experience -- your display name, your email address, your password, subscribing to project updates, uploading sprites to customize your UI, viewing project financial records, and more. Uses multiple data capture and file upload forms.
Website | Developer Profile | link
This very page. One of my most recent designs, created with a simple flow-chat format to introduce myself, describe what I do, and provide descriptions and links (if applicable) to projects I have done or am currently working on.
Website | Personal Website | link
A website designed from scratch by me to advertise the web design services I offer in conjunction with my friend, a graphics designer and artist. Uses clip art, a partially-transparent background image, and a mobile subdomain.
TI Program | Polynomials All-In-One v3.0 | link
A feature-adding release. Adds upon the functions of PolyAIO 2.3, but also adds the ability to save previously input functions for reuse. This feature is made possible via a third party app, and the feature will silently disable if the app is not present, without interfering with normal program function.
TI Program | Yahtzee | link
A remake of the popular family arcade game owned by Hasbro. Programmed in Axe Parser, a C-style language developed for the calculator. A port of the game to the newer color screen calculators coming soon.